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Now! Relax Cervical & Masticatory Muscles Simultaneously!

The J5 Dental TENS©


The J5 Dental TENS is the latest in a succession of products with a history of over thirty-five years of clinical effectiveness. Cervical muscles play a significant role in head posture and consequently may impact occlusion. For years many dentists have stimulated these cervical muscles to relax them as part of the overall diagnosis and treatment process. The J5 Dental TENS provides four patient stimulation channels,

saving time for you and the patient.
The J5 Dental TENS delivers controlled, periodic, bilateral stimulation to help provide muscle relaxation, increased blood circulation and increased range of motion. It is the only instrument of its type that delivers true bilateral, simultaneous stimulation. It is useful in office procedures for occlusal adjustment and in bite

each left and right pair with its own separate controls. Now, with the ability to stimulate four muscle sites simultaneously, the J5 helps improve treatment efficacy

registration for dentures and reconstruction. It is also useful in treatment of some types of TMJ dysfunction and associated pain


  • Relax masticatory and cervical/upper shoulder muscles and establish a physiologic occlusion
  • Take occlusal registrations
  • Take denture impressions
  • Treat TMJ dysfunction and associated pain
  • Relieve symptoms associated with muscle spasm
  • Increase local blood circulation
  • Increase mandibular range of motion

© U.S. Patent No. 8,630,713 B2


Enhance Occlusal Evaluation with Cervical Muscle Relaxation

Cervical muscles play a significant role in head posture and consequently may impact occlusion. The J5 Dental TENS provides four patient stimulation channels, each pair with its own separate controls. Now , with the ability to stimulate masticatory and cervical muscles simultaneously, the J5 enables you to fine tune your occlusal evaluation and bite registrations. The J5 improves treatment efficacy while saving time for you and the patient.

Treatment of TMJ Dysfunction and Associated Pain

Using precisely controlled bilateral stimulation, the J5 Dental TENS promotes muscle relaxation for relief of symptoms associated with muscle spasm of the masticatory and cervical muscles common to some types of TMJ dysfunction. As the muscles relax, increased mandibular opening can often be measured by the end of the first visit.

Promotes Relief of Symptoms Associated with Muscle Spasm

When pain is resulting from muscle spasm, the J5 offers a safe, drug-free method of treatment. Relief of many head and neck discomforts is achieved through muscle relaxation.
Because the J5 stimulates increased local blood flow, it restores normal muscle physiology as nutrients and oxygen are pumped in and accumulated toxins are flushed out

Definitive Occlusal Adjustments in Less Time

The J5 helps precisely identify elusive initial points of deflective contact which might otherwise be difficult to find. Once isolated, occlusal adjustment then becomes less time consuming and more conservative of tooth structure.

An Aid in Bite Registrations

The J5 will aid in finding the position of the mandible which is compatible with the patient’s relaxed musculature – physiologic rest position. Additionally, the J5 simplifies impression taking and registration of maxillo-mandibular relationships at the relaxed muscle position and produces precision border molding for dentures.

Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or dentist.

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Benefits to Your Practice and Patients

Make diagnostic and treatment decisions in any major cases: aesthetic, restorative, orthodontics, TMD, and dentures, with expanded, objective data – optimize the quality of patient care and build your practice.

  • Patient Education capabilities allow for superior patient education enabling better understanding and better treatment plan acceptance by your patients.
  • Objective data and printouts for referring doctors, insurance justification, patient education and risk management
  • Record real time objective data to take the guesswork out of taking a bite.
  • In addition to pre-programmed protocols (Scans) – user may set custom protocols.
  • Unparalleled customer service and technical support
  • Ongoing support of user training programs and educational programs.

The Myotronics

Since 1966, Myotronics has pioneered the science of computerized measurement technology. Years of fulltime research in dentistry, electronic and biomedical engineering, biophysics, and computer science, have led to the award of 34 patents that have contributed to the development of the advanced technologies that Myotronics instrumentation makes available to the clinician.

Myotronics technologies have been used in over 50 countries, 140 universities worldwide and utilized in over 470 published studies.

As inventors of the science, Myotronics is committed to the support of our customers and the furthering of continued growth and development in the field of Neuromuscular Dentistry

What Neuromuscular Clinicians have to say:

“I have been using the Myotronics equipment and NM approach since 1980. I am now on the 4th subsequent generation of Myotronics evaluation systems and have treated over 15,000 patients during that time. The clinical information allows accurate and precise diagnoses and repeatable clinical successes and has been the foundation of a well established practice in this community.”

Arthur Parker, DMD, Portland, OR

“I can’t imagine treating my patients without utilizing the Myotronics K7 Evaluation System in my practice. The predictability, ease of use, and consistently accurate data allows me to treat even the most complex patients and give them back their quality of life. My second practice, which is solely devoted to treating TMJ and sleep disorders, is a direct result of the confidence this equipment gives me in treating these patients.”

Jeffrey S. Haddad, DDS, Rochester, MI

“Myotronics instruments have made treating TMD patients predictable and given me objective data that makes patients feel more confident in my care. It also has made my sleep apnea appliances more comfortable for my patients to wear without morning muscle fatigue.”

Peter Ferro, DMD, New York, NY

“For over 35 years I have treated literally thousands of patients utilizing the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry. From the first case until now, this treatment approach has been expanded upon, but not altered. In addition to the large body of scientific literature supporting these principles, this clinical record is testimony to its validity. I am honored to be appointed to teach a university course on the Neuromuscular occlusion. Whatever I have done with and for Neuromuscular Dentistry for over 35 years, I have done with a full heart and a sincere belief that this is how dentistry should be practiced.”

Barry Cooper, DDS, Clinical Associate Professor School of Dental Medicine, SUNY, NY

The K7[ CMS Computerized Mandibular Scanning (Jaw Tracking)

The patented K7[ jaw tracking (CMS) has eight state of the art sensors, in an extremely lightweight (4 oz), high strength aluminum Sensor Array, that tracks the motion of a small magnet attached to the lower gingiva. This configuration is non-invasive and, unlike clutches and other cumbersome apparatus, does not interfere with normal patient function. The K7[ tracks mandibular motion in three dimensions as well as mandibular torque. The K7[ Sensor Array has a wide opening allowing the doctor unobstructed access of the oral cavity for taking bite registrations or other clinical procedures. The system is virtually immune from the effects of slight head motion or nearby metallic or electronic interference. A patient education mode is included to simplify patient education and staff training

Dynamic three-dimensional jaw tracking.

The torque (yaw and roll) of the mandible is recorded simultaneously with jaw tracking information.



Portable Electrical Muscle Stimulator

The BNS-40 is a battery operated, ultra-low frequency electrical muscle stimulator designed specifically for the dental patient. A personal, miniaturized version of the Myomonitor, it is ideally suited when prescribed for the following purposes

  • Temporomandibular Disorders and associated pain
  • Relieving symptoms associated with muscle spasm
  • Relaxing orofacial muscles
  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Increasing mandibular range of motion
A time-tested, safe and effective means of drug-free relief for pain associated with muscle tension and a time-saving adjunct to TENS application in the dental office



  • For drug-free treatment of the pain patient who is awaiting treatment or chooses not to undergo permanent treatment
  • Save valuable office time and space by having the patient deprogram muscles at home prior to a bite registration appointment
  • Effective relief of cervical pain associated with muscle tension


  • Save time — relax patients while the office model is in use for clinical procedures
  • Relax spastic muscles after long procedures


Whether the patient buys or rents the BNS-40, you will be assured of expanding your scope of services.

Use of the BNS-40 modality is often eligible for compensation under major medical plans. Its versatility in treating masticatory muscle pain associated with muscle spasm allows prescription over a wide range of circumstances.

“I find muscle hyperactivity to be a key element in most TMD patients
I utilize the BNS-40 for these patients in the office and often prescribe it for
home use to treat the muscular components. These patients usually
experience dramatic relief, and acute episodes of the underlying conditions
diminish. We have several units in our office and they are in use constantly.”

Barry C. Cooper, DDS, New york, Ny